Jeremy Dronfield – Fritz and Kurt

When everything is taken away from you, love and courage are all you have left

In 1938, the Nazis come to Vienna. They hate anyone who is different, especially Jewish people. Fritz and Kurt’s family are Jewish, and that puts them in terrible danger.

Fritz, along with his father, is taken to a Nazi prison camp, a terrible place, full of fear. When his father is sent to a certain death, Fritz can’t face losing his beloved Papa. He chooses to go with him and fight for survival. Meanwhile, Kurt must go on a frightening journey, all alone, to seek safety on the far side of the world. In this extraordinary true story, Fritz and Kurt must face unimaginable hardships, and the two brothers wonder if they will ever return home

Jeremy Dronfield is a biographer, historian, novelist and former archaeologist. He is the author of the forthcoming middle-grade narrative nonfiction book The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz: A Story Retold. He lives in England. 

Altersempfehlung ab 9 Jahren

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